American Legion District 29, Orange County, CA |




It is an honor to again serve as the Commander of District 29 for 2020-2021.  I will continue to work with our dedicated district leadership team and our district’s post commanders and officers, to continue our mission to serve and support Orange County’s veteran community.  It is a challenge that greatly inspires me.  There is no greater goal than to care for the needs of our veterans.  They have earned the right to be served.

This year we have all been hit with the reality of a global pandemic.   Covid-19 has touched all of us all on so many levels, and has had a profound impact on the American Legion in Orange County.  Government closures and restrictions have resulted in the cancelation and suspension of almost all post activities across California.  Because of that, Orange County post operations and revenue from their pubs and restaurants have been adversely impacted. Our posts and membership have had to adapt in order to overcome these challenges. In the face of adversity, they continue execute a mission that has not changed.  In fact, I have seen our members rise to the challenge and meet the mission in new and creative ways.  New types of missions like food banks, moral / buddy check parades to cheer members who cannot come out, virtual meetings and visitations and outdoor, socially distant, al fresco dinning opportunities are hallmarks of their creativity in meeting the Covid-19 challenge head on.

Our challenge as a District Leadership Team is to reexamine our goals and redefine our responsibilities to supporting our posts as they come out of this difficult time.  We must focus on what we can do, rather than dwell on what we cannot do at this time.  We must help our posts celebrate their many accomplishments despite the restrictions.  The management and sustainability of our posts are clearly a priority for us this year.  We must find resources that can help us to build a network of potential fundraising opportunities or help us to develop new revenue streams to maintain the post facilities and operations.  We must never lose sight of the need to plan for reengagement with our essential programs and activities as light begins to grow at the end of the tunnel.  It is critical that we remain sharply focused on continuing our mission.

As I watch our country’s challenges, I have never been prouder and more committed to serving in leadership of the American Legion.  This is our time to engage and demonstrate our organization’s foundational principles of Americanism, National Security, supporting children and youth, and supporting Veterans’ Affairs and Rehabilitation.  I see these principles being a priority for all District 29 posts during the 2020-2021 year. 

The leadership of our District 29 Post have assumed the responsibility to lead our members and advocate on behalf of our veteran community for another year.  We are here to support them as they meet the challenges of their important mission.  The district leadership team is here to reaffirm our commitment to them. The District 29 leadership team is ready to respond to any and all requests for assistance.  It is a privilege to serve all of you!

As a parting thought, patriotism and love of country has never been more important.  We can demonstrate this in our district through support of all of our activities and events across post lines.   Together, we will Adapt and Overcome to Execute for our veteran community.

For God and Country.

Sandy Schneeberger
Brea Post 181